Heck of the North : bike race awards

Over the summer I was approached by Jeremy Kershaw of "Heck of the North" to design and fabricate three awards for the 100 mile gravel bike race.  The race starts and ends right here in Two Harbors, MN on October 4th 2014.  

It was an amazing opportunity and I quickly accepted the offer.  I discussed some ideas with Jeremy and got to work.

The men's award is based off of the event's logo.  I used two pieces of heavy gauge sterling silver, cutting and stamping the logo into one of them.  I love how the wave pattern resembles both Lake Superior and a bike cogg.  I riveted this piece onto a backplate and added a patina to add depth to the design.  A second tag was added with the tagline "Ride the good line", the date of the event, and of course "fastest man" status.

The women's award was inspired by some other necklaces I make.  Jeremy liked how the design resembled a bike fork, so we went with that.  I was able to find a perfect basalt stone from the shore and it happens to be what is known as a "wishing rock".  They say if you keep a wishing rock nearby and make wishes on it, they have a better chance of coming true.  I also added a hand sawn cutout of the logo to the side.  A matching pair of earrings completes the prize.

Jeremy didn't want to leave out the last place winner either.  A simple Lake Superior basalt cairn on supple black leather cord is a great consolation prize.

The event is still on the search for volunteers too!  If you feel inclined, you can sign up here.